Custom Film Roll Photo Keychain™

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Memories Fade But Photos Last Forever!

This Film Roll Keychain holds 5-15 photos of your most cherished memories, safely stored away in the retractable Authentic Film Roll photo slide show.
Watch their face as they unravel all the priceless moments shared and have them remember each picture that's worth 1000 words!
From romance to family, to a collection of travels and your worldly events, this cute keychain will hold all your memories in just one tiny film roll that is held on your keys for your everyday reminder.
Select from up to 5-15 photos in a single photo album slideshow, in the form of a custom-made film roll keychain. At any time, you can hold up to the light and experience the memories and moments in such detail.
The keychain is available with multiple custom gift box options and packaging, making this gift even more personal and one of a kind.
Exclusively Sold at Lovers Charm


Q: How many photos can I upload
A: A minimum of 5 photos and a maximum of 15 photos is allowed.

Q: Is the photo printing high quality
A: Yes, our senior design team restores your photos and uses top-of-the-line HD laser printing technology.

Q: Is the order in which I upload the photos are the ones that come out first?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the keychain water-resistant material?
A: Yes.

Q: Will it arrive before Christmas
A: Yes if you order today, your Custom Film Roll Keychain will arrive right on time for Christmas guaranteed!


Customization and Delivery Time - 5-10 business days to the U.S.A

Note: Your personalized Film Roll Keychain takes time to craft, but when you or they are holding it, you'll know it was worth the wait ;)

Any questions on making an order or for any existing orders? Don't hesitate to contact: we are here to assist you.

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